July 24, 2007


I'm back but I'm afraid posting will be light due to jet lag and all the catching up I have to do from only missing two days of work. Sheesh.

I was able to watch the Democratic/YouTube Debate last night on the plane (modern technology, gotta love it). Overall, I think we have a decent bunch of candidates -- certainly any of them would be better than the Republican robot candidates, even the completely unhinged Gravel. Hillary still grates on me and she's a hypocrite about the war in Iraq so it's going to be hard for me to vote for her if she gets the nod. I thought Barack did a good job but I think he's got an uphill battle to get the nomination (both his experience and race, unfortunately, will be factors). I have to admit, I was most impressed with John Edwards. If we are looking at electability, he may be our best bet. I think his contrition about supporting the war has been impressive and I think he truly cares about healthcare, poverty and education. Plus, he had the best candidate YouTube video of the night:

I'll be back when I come up for air...

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