May 21, 2007


Earth to Yankees Fans:

Yankee Fans

Your team just dropped two more games back from the first place Boston Red Sox, placing you slightly behind Baltimore (Baltimore!) in third (third!) place. You just lost 2 out of 3 against the team that you repeatedly insist "Suck" -- a team that has won 9 more games than you have at this point in the season. So why (why?!?!?) must you run around Shea Stadium with your beer-fueled Neanderthal brains, dragging your knuckles while you brag and shout obscenities and get yourselves kicked out of our house just because you won one lousy game?

Sadly that kind of behavior tends to also bring out the worst in some of our less developed Mets fans. You're a bad influence, my friends (and a poor role model for, you know, the kids).


Try to keep it in check next time you visit our sanctuary.

I like that jackass in the picture showing off "his" rings. Yes, he was integral. Watching the games while sitting on his fat ass on his mom's couch was key to the Yankees winning those championships. Wear them proudly, my friend.
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