April 03, 2007


Let the Games Begin!

Okay, so I'm a little late with my Opening Day post, but the holidays (Passover, April Fools Day), threw me off my regular blogging schedule.

So far, so good for "my" Mets. I have a feeling they'll be back in the thick of things come October. They have a solid lineup but there's a few holes in the bullpen and the starting rotation has an experience level that averages out to be a little less than actually experienced: Two guys with too much experience (translation: OLD) and three guys that you can practically greet with "Welcome to the show."

Fortunately, old guy number one, Tom Glavine, started right off where he left last October, pitching a great game against the Cards on opening night and getting himself 9 wins away from 300. Glavine has turned things around so much with his tenure with the Mets that his playoff victory against the Dodgers last fall has been deemed "Classic" by the Mets broadcasting network, SNY. As a result, I finally got to see myself acting way too serious after a 4th inning strikeout:

(Click to watch)

Once again, a big thanks to George (on my left) for the amazin' seats.

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