April 23, 2007


Guns Kill People

A must-read from The New Yorker:
At a press conference, Virginia’s governor, Tim Kaine, said, “People who want to . . . make it their political hobby horse to ride, I’ve got nothing but loathing for them. . . . At this point, what it’s about is comforting family members . . . and helping this community heal. And so to those who want to try to make this into some little crusade, I say take that elsewhere.”

If the facts weren’t so horrible, there might be something touching in the Governor’s deeply American belief that “healing” can take place magically, without the intervening practice called “treating.” The logic is unusual but striking: the aftermath of a terrorist attack is the wrong time to talk about security, the aftermath of a death from lung cancer is the wrong time to talk about smoking and the tobacco industry, and the aftermath of a car crash is the wrong time to talk about seat belts. People talked about the shooting, of course, but much of the conversation was devoted to musings on the treatment of mental illness in universities, the problem of “narcissism,” violence in the media and in popular culture, copycat killings, the alienation of immigrant students, and the question of Evil.

Some people, however—especially people outside America—were eager to talk about it in another way, and even to embark on a little crusade. The whole world saw that the United States has more gun violence than other countries because we have more guns and are willing to sell them to madmen who want to kill people. Every nation has violent loners, and they tend to have remarkably similar profiles from one country and culture to the next. And every country has known the horror of having a lunatic get his hands on a gun and kill innocent people. But on a recent list of the fourteen worst mass shootings in Western democracies since the nineteen-sixties the United States claimed seven, and, just as important, no other country on the list has had a repeat performance as severe as the first...

Reducing the number of guns available to crazy people will neither relieve them of their insanity nor stop them from killing. Making it more difficult to buy guns that kill people is, however, a rational way to reduce the number of people killed by guns. Nations with tight gun laws have, on the whole, less gun violence; countries with somewhat restrictive gun laws have some gun violence; countries with essentially no gun laws have a lot of gun violence...

Semi-automatic Glocks and Walthers, Cho (Seung-Hui)’s weapons, are for killing people. They are not made for hunting, and it’s not easy to protect yourself with them. (If having a loaded semi-automatic on hand kept you safe, cops would not be shot as often as they are.)
Read the whole thing here.

(If having a loaded semi-automatic on hand kept you safe, cops would not be shot as often as they are.)
Sorry, police shooting are far and few. Knives are a way bigger threat than firearms.

Honestly, the only reason weapons (I'm talking weapons in general here! A steak knife or filet knife are the two most for concern!) are such a danger here is because the wrong-doers exploit the citizens who don't view themselves as being a victim (a small few). Most [potential] criminals wouldn't even attempt physical harm or B&E out of cowardice! (Because anybody could be armed.)
your not thinking correctly i dont know of one case where a gun killed anybody. its the fucking bullets that kill people
dumb shit
Criminals will always have guns, knives, or even bats, ban or not. Why put the "good" people at a disadvantage with a ban? Laws banning guns make no sense at this point as too many guns are "out there" and criminals do not follow laws anyway. Anti-gun people are without logic, and many are not even familiar with the mechanics of the different guns themselves. They throw out terms like semi-auto and assault without really knowing what those terms may mean in many cases. Firearms belong in the hands of law abiding citizens if they so choose.
When guns were banned in England Murder and armed robbery went up between 33 and 50 percent nation wide.

When guns were banned in Australia, sydneys gun violence went way up and the country as a whole saw an increase in gun violence.

I have a cousins who's in laws live in England, north of London. His wifes father, whom I 've talked to, owns a liquors store. He had a gun confiscated in the ban. After that he was robbed three times. That was a year ago we talked. I don't know how many times since.

If another student that was confronted in anyone of the school shootings had a firearm and was trained with it they would have been able to put an end to it.

There was a truck driver who saw a state trooper in on the ground woulnded. He saw a man fireing a weapon at him. He pulled over and shot the man dead with his personal firearm saving the cops life. This is true, I saw the police video from his cruiser while in training at my first police academy I attened.

If people were more moral and the family structure was in place in society to give love and disipline and attention, then not as many people would grow up to kill.

The gun is a tool just like any other. More people die by stab woulds, sporting related accident and OUI's. Maybe we should ban knives, cars, sports and alcohol.(sarcasm). People fear of guns comes from a lack of training, experience and knowledge of facts. It also comes from hollywood and media hype. Guns are used to save lives too.

The FBI has Uniformed Crime Report and they did a special study in 2006. It found that 99% percent of the firearms used in crimes were obtained illegally. So the bad guys will still find a way to get them. I have been in law enforcement for 12 years but if I wasn't I would still want the right to carry a firearm.
look takein my guns away is a bad idea because ill get on here and annoy the shit out of everybody to get them back, but take them away from the nuts is an even stupider idea because they will just get violent and a ban on guns, a complete ban on guns would just cause alot of other wise peaceful people to rise up against the government (myself included) lets work on common sense instead of fanatcism
YES guns do kill people, But a Knife, Explosives, a pair of hands, any sharp object, Drugs and poison, even a CAR in the wrong hands can KILL. Should we outlaw CARS??? Should we outlaw Knifes or Tools? Should we outlaw Gasoline it is after all flammable and can be used to kill? I don't understand the logic of banning guns, More people die each year in car accidents than gun deaths so with your all's logic cars should be banned. maybe we should outlaw Air plains after all on 9/11/2001 a group of people used them to kill thousands so i guess airplanes should be illegal. People can choke on food should we ban food that some one can choke on? SO If you plan to ban guns than we need to ban all means of transportation, Anything flammable or explosive, Anything we could choke on, anything we could fall over or slip on like stairs, anything poisonous, and anything that produces electricity. Does this sound ridiculous because banning fire arms sound ridicules to me!

Our country was founded through the sights of a riffle, and I'm proud we had fire arms to fight for our freedom. We don't live in a perfect world I'm sad to say, we will NEVER have peace on earth, and people will always die there is no way around that. I could give a bunch of statistics about country's that banned guns and how crime rates went up in the aftermath but that's been done. This is the fact i am going to give, it is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own and bear arms and its one our ancestors fought for, Its not a right to own a car, to drive a car, to have a job, to go on vacation, to watch your favorite program on TV etc. I'm not saying you have to exercise your RIGHT I could care less if you don't exercise any of your rights, but if your going to fight to abolish my RIGHT i will do what ever it takes to abolish your privileges that you enjoys so much.
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