March 08, 2007


Why Dick Cheney's Blood Clot Should Be Treated At Walter Reed

I'm sure you all know about the M*E*S*S down at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center:

But did you know this scandal is connected, of course, to Dick Cheney?

That's right, the guy in charge of the privatized Walter Reed hospital, is a former executive of KBR, a subsidiary of HALIBURTON. What Jon and John neglected to mention was that besides being unable to deliver ice to Louisiana during the Katrina crisis, KBR was also the company in charge of providing water to our troops in Iraq. Unfortunately, the water KBR supplied contained raw sewage!

This, the latest scandal of the Bush Administration (oh god, there's been too many to count), will of course get the usual lip service from our Dear Leader. And, of course, he'll refuse to take any responsibility:

But now that Dick Cheney's days are numbered, what with his declining health and the fact that his Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby has been found guilty, guilty, guilty and guilty, perhaps George can escape blame for all of his past crimes and pin it all on Cheney, forcing him to resign in shame. Cheney would immediately be pardoned but it would be sweet to pour some salt on Dick's clot and require him to seek treatment at Walter Reed. Unfortunately, Dick did his damnedest to avoid serving in the military so he's ineligible to receive treatment there. Oh well, a blogger can dream...

Thats where you are wrong- apparently there are "deluxe" suites at walter reed that sit empty because they are specifically saved for emergency use for the prez, vice prez, senators, and other BSD's. Reed is only seven miles from the white house.
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