March 16, 2007


Pity the Poor, Castrated Wingnuts

My how this woman scares them:

(Click to watch Valerie Plame's testimony
in which she states that she was, indeed,
a COVERT agent

Sad, pathetic men like Dan Riehl are so threatened that they have to resort to feminizing Valerie Plame's husband:
"When I first saw that Valerie Plame felt she was "recklessly abused," I wasn't sure if the media whore was talking about some DC john who copped her number from Vanity Fair and didn't leave a tip, or if she was referring to treatment at the hands of husband Joe Wilson. I mean, there's a guy with I want to be a woman so bad, I'm going to beat the crap out of one written all over him, if you ask me."
Oh, you tiny, tiny man Dan.

P.S. - Gotta love the woman in the back of the hearings with the "Impeach Bush Now" shirt.

UPDATE: NBC led off last night's evening news with this story followed by AlbertoGate. CBS led with Gonzales followed by Plame. ABC? They led off with the weather. Look, if you live in an area that was hit by snow, I think by 6:30 pm you'd know it and you'd know how bad it was. Peter Jennings is currently whirling in his grave.

Oh, and that communist rag, The New York Times? Plame made it to page 11. Apparently, that front page story on the difficulties of teaching middle school was way more important than questions of national security and skulduggery in the White House.

I thought the woman in the back with the Statue of Liberty headdress and pink shirt was a guy in drag!
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