March 05, 2007


Blogging from the Closet

No, this post is not about a bad Ann Coulter "joke." Nor is it about John Travolta:


It's about a discovery I made while cleaning out my closet this weekend. First, let me show you what a wonderful job I did:


You'd be impressed if you saw how it looked on Friday. It took me two days to straighten out this mother! The reason being that I'm, a) a pack rat and b) I'm an impulse clothing shopper. I seriously had not cleaned out this closet for 9 years. Shirts were scrunched up against each other, jeans were piled on top of t-shirts and vice versa. It was a mess. Now, I'm the envy of my wife (picture of her half of the closet has been self-censored. I'm not an idiot).

Now, here's my discovery: At least 2/3 of what I shoved into 5 (count 'em) large Hefty bags were from a chain store (The Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Eddie Bauer, J Crew, etc.). It wasn't because the items were all out of style (some of them were) but because they all had lost their shape (if they ever had one in the first place). This goes back to my impulse shopping: Often when I'd go to a Gap, if I found a shirt I liked, I'd buy 4 or 5 of the same style in different colors. So, over the years, I collected quite a few of these items, at "bargain" prices. But what kind of bargain are you getting if after you wash and wear a shirt a couple of times, it completely stretches out and makes you look like you are wearing a potato sack?

So, I've decided, from now on, it's all about C.P.W.: Cost per Wear. The majority of the things I saved in my closet, some of it at least 8 years old, were somewhat pricey, designer label clothes. Still in style. Still in great shape.

Screw The Gap.

This has been a Public Service Announcement, courtesy of Krup.

you just don't want people to see how many pairs of manolo blahniks i have.
-your wife
Not to mention the environmental impact in manufacturing clothing that we only wear a few times. I heard a great NPR report on this. You can still hear it at
Keep up the good work!
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