March 14, 2007


Attention Mets Fans!

Sr. Met

I recently discovered a new blog, by way of the increasingly cranky, not to mention inaccurate* James Wolcott. It's called The Ballclub and it deals with all things Mets. It's written by two guys, El Guapo, who describes himself as "a baseball fan (who is) big on defense, athleticism, and Christianity" (he's kidding about one of those) and a guy who calls himself Mets2Moon (I don't think that's his real name).

I have a feeling this blog is going to help me get through a possibly frustrating season -- sure we have a great lineup but we're falling a bit short when it comes to starting pitchers. Here's how New York Magazine's Approval Matrix recently summed up the Mets' starting rotation:

approval matrix

So, I'm looking forward to El Guapo's and Mets2Moon's keen insight and snark to help me over the difficult days, weeks and months ahead. With blog headlines like Duaner Sanchez, You're Officially Harshing My Mellow I don't see how they can fail.

UPDATE: Also be sure to check out The Eddie Kranepool Society. It's proprietor, Steve Keane, feels your Mets' pain -- well, at least he feels Valentin's, El Duque's and "Grandpa" Franco's pain:
So now ‘Stache has a sore neck. Can the Skill Sets go down to Wal-Mart or Bed Bath and Beyond and buy these guys some decent pillows? What the fuck! First Delgado, now ‘Stache then El Duque with arthritis in his neck, then Grandpa Franco has to get a cortisone shot due to tendinitis. This is what happens when you bring in a lot of old guys. Old guys get hurt and it takes them a lot longer to recuperate. I know, I’m an old guy and after throwing about 170 pitches to my Little League team I come home and swallow Tylenol Arthritis caplets like they’re M & M’s.
Hang in there Steve. It's a long season.

*Catherine O'Hara did not wear a "fright mask" in For Your Consideration, she did it with some makeup and her amazing facial muscles, Mr. Cranky-Pants.

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