January 19, 2007


Happy, Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me...hmmmn*

A number of years ago, my brothers and I converted all of our Dad's 8mm home movies for his 75th birthday. I spent hours, lovingly scoring every second of footage with what I thought was appropriate music for the eventual transfer to DVD. As you are about to see and hear, things got a little weird when I got to the birthday section. It's my little gift to you on my __th birthday:

Birthday Boy
(Click to Play)

*The Residents, "Birthday Boy" from Duck Stab (1977):
Bulging eyes abound about
The birthday boy today;
Screaming, "Creaming eyes!"
Screamed he,
His mother looked away.
"Creaming eyes explode upon
An apple pirate toad
And if an injun ate a plate
I'd laugh and live abode."

Nervousness itself was shifting
Guests against the door,
"Forgive us dear, but, uh, baking beer
Is what we should be near."
"Bye," the bothered birthday boy said,
"Bye," the bothered birthday boy said,
"Bye or sell or bye,
Bye or sell or bye."

"Happy, happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me he-he-hee,
Happy birthday to me."

Hope you have a great birthday...miss you guys.
Have a great birthday. You have been blogging for a long time now. It sure is a pleasure to meet such an eperienced blogger. Drop into
my blog for some unique birthday gift and party ideas.
Happy birthday..........Loved the video. Looks like you had some really fun parties.

I've never heard "Birthday Boy" before -- to weird!
Loved that! But honey..."IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA" ?!?!?! How surreal to see these little kids doing the funcky chicken to that! HAHAHAHA

Happy Birthday Krups!
Residents pwn.
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