December 13, 2006


Goodbye Already!

Jon Stewart, madder than hell, channels Howard Beale and, once again, bids adieu to Donald Rumsfeld (who should be rotting away in some Abu Ghraib-like prison but instead will be dividing his time between his five homes*):

*From Vanity Fair's Neo Culpa:
As we leave the restaurant together, (Kenneth) Adelman points to an office on the corner of Washington's 18th Street Northwest where he and Rumsfeld first worked together, during the Nixon administration, in 1972. "I've worked with him three times in my life. I have great respect for him. I'm extremely fond of him. I've been to each of his houses, in Chicago, Taos, Santa Fe, Santo Domingo, and Las Vegas. We've spent a lot of vacations together, been around the world together, spent a week together in Vietnam. I'm very, very fond of him, but I'm crushed by his performance. Did he change, or were we wrong in the past? Or is it that he was never really challenged before? I don't know. He certainly fooled me."

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