October 26, 2006


Orange&Blue is the New Black

(Editor's Note: I swear, this is the last Mets post until pitchers and catchers report next Spring.)

So, there I was last Thursday, wearing my brand new Mr. Met jersey, making my way to work on the morning of Game 7 of the NLCS, when I was accosted by a reporter from ABC/Channel 7 news:
"Are you a Mets fan?" he asked.

"No," I answered (because I'm a wiseass).

"But you're wearing the shirt?!?!?"

"I was just joking."
Anyway, the reporter asked me what I thought the Mets chances were and of course I said Game 7 was in the bag (I also picked Gore and Kerry to win in '00 & '04 but to my knowledge, the St. Louis Cardinals did not cheat to win the NLCS). Then, he asked me if my boss was okay with my Mets shirt...and that's the answer Channel 7 decided to run with, making me seem like some retarded reject from Project Runway:

Orange & Blue
(Click to watch)

(Apparently, Mets fans may soon be able to legally marry in the state of New Jersey.)

Ultimately, I guess I'm most proud of the fact that, a) I used the phrase "The Yankees were spanked" and b) they got a great shot of my Mr. Met shirt (available at Moonlight Graham) with my "No W" pin:

No W

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