September 27, 2006


Green Day & U2 Help Reopen New Orleans' Superdome

Inspiring or Just Plain Awful? You Decide.

Is it me, or is Billie Joe starting to look like a cross between Jared Leto and Robert Smith of the Cure?






And: Is it finally time to pull the plug on Bono? Jeez, he seems to have reached a new level of pretentiousness.

who are you to critize any musician? Forget pulling the plug on Bono, someone needs to pull the plug on you.
u r such an asshole... Billy joe is a god ORIGINAL and TALENTED...
shut up stupid girl...
C'mon.. Jared Leto is so not like Billie Joe. Stop sayin' bad things 'bout them. They are both amazing artists! Get a life !
what's?? billie joe is a excelent musician!! hi is original.. u are such an idiot
I'm from paraguay and i now that billie joe is a greats musician..
Jesus,dont compare billie joe to robert smith.
robert smith is a god,billie joe is shit tbf.
if u ask me billie joe n jared leto r both really, really fit
Hah, good mix...

...It's just that Billie Joe is a bit older than Jared, and have been looking like this alooong time, so it's JL who's inspired by BJ if it should be.

And they'r all 3 good musicians, and both JL and BJ are cuuuuute (+hot).
You are such a asshole!!!!!
Jared Leto is verry cute!
And he doesn't look like anybody.
It's not true that Jared is younger than BJ. It's hard to believe, but he's older than Billie:p
But I love them both, they're great musicians. (And they're very cuute!) None of them is a copy of someone else, so shut up!
Billie Joe is the best and he is an fucking original rocker... I love him!!!!
Hi there!
I'm from Holland, and I saw Jared and BJ with my own eyes. PLEASE DON'T COMPARE THEM!!! JARED IS SOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN BJ!!!!!
damn green day is like my fav band and Billie joe is hot and he rocks at everything he does. jared leto is hot too. and just to let u guys know jared is 33jrs old and Billie is 35. so it's no such a big deal just chill u guys!!! not one of them is better then the other. green day's music is just better!!! and billie's stage stunts.
billie is the sexiest rockstar in the world!!! then comes jared
Yes its true that Jared is older, only by a year, but billie joe has been in the spot light longer than Jared.
So i'd say Jared would be more inspired, plus Jared has changed his look.
He didn't use to look like a rocker.

The Cure, 3STM, and Green Day are all pretty good musicians.
You shouldn't be bashing them.
Or simply commenting with "omg their hot!"
What point does that prove besides that its sounds like your obsessed with their looks?
I'm from Argentina
I saw the photograph
of Jared and I entered
At the first time I couldn't
believe that Jared is older than BJ.
It don't matter, both uf them are beautiful in their on way...

Ahora en castellano:
Vi la foto de Jared y entré
al principio no pude creer
que Jared fuece mas grande
que BJ...
Pero no importa
los dos son lindos!
Both Jared and Billie Joe are great musicians, and I admire them both. By the way, Jared's older by half a year (he's almost 36, Billie's 35). They don't really look like each other, although equally hot I guess...But their music are awesome, and I've been aGreen Day's and 30 Seconds to Mars' fan for a really long time...
I think jared leto is the hottest man ever and is way better looking then billie joe not saying that billie joe aint hot because he is!!!
I thought jared leto was 36????
oh well he is the hottest 36 year old ive ever seen
u suk
i'll pull the plug on you, fucking ass, don't you dare insult bono like this, he's a genius
jared leto is the hottest man there ever was. so back of bitches. he's 36. but bj lookes like he is older. if anything bj is copying jared leto.jared has been wereing eyeliner since he was 19.long live 30 SECONDS TO MARS!!!!!!!!
and JARED LETO!!!!!!!!!! Has bj ever acted? no i didn't think so. but JARED has and he's awsome at it. JARED LETO is the number one person who can pull of being an actor of musician
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