August 04, 2006



My 15-year old nephew and I watched VH1 Classic's celebration of MTV's 25th Anniversary (which MTV chose to ignore in order to remain in a perpetual state of retarded adolescence). It was hard for me to explain how cool we all thought the channel was when it debuted back in 1981 (I was in college at the time. I couldn't very well tell him that it was like Sesame Street on acid - as redundant as that sounds). When The Buggles' The Age of Plastic came on it was all both of us could do to stifle the laughter at the so-called cutting edge video effects. But it was when the following video came on that all hell broke loose:

We instantly declared it the worst video ever made. But, boy were we wrong. We had yet to see this gem:

Styx was just a warm-up for the slew of REO Speedwagon videos that followed. It was hard to choose which was the worst of the bunch until this one, featuring some "acting" by lead singer Kevin Cronin, came on:

Convinced we had at last found the worst video ever made, we were completely taken by surprise when this final entry came on. Words cannot express how much cheese went into the making of this video (but both the shirt and the smile give you an idea):


You just watch your tongue, Mister! Blotto is a fantastic band that's still around! Their guitarist recently performed on my rock opera based on 2001 A Space Odyssey.
Heh, 'twas all in good fun. When I first read the post I immediately thought "I bet he's gonna mention Blotto".

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