August 03, 2006


Thom Yorke: "The Clock" (Live on KCRW)

Click Thom to listen to an excellent acoustic version of "The Clock" off of his new solo album,


Thom's also in the news for calling for the resignation of George Bush's favorite poodle, Tony Blair:
"I've had enough of this. Our government sitting on the fence with the U.S. while World War 3 appears to be breaking out in Lebanon and Northern Israel. We must throw Tony Blair out of office NOW. He does not represent the views of the British people. He does not represent the views of his foreign office and officials. He does not even represent the view of those in his cabinet. He cares far too much about his relationship with Bush, and Murdoch. The man is not fit to be our Prime Minister. It's a nice sunny day. Come on, let's do it. You know it makes sense. A vote of no confidence. Or something. Anything."

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