August 08, 2006


Senator Cheapskate


No, I am not a self-hating jew making an anti-Semitic slur against Holy Joe Lieberman. I'm just stating the facts: Joe Lieberman is fucking cheap (and fucking stupid). Apparently, his campaign website went down today and he's calling it sabotage:
(via firedoglake) I just want to say how nice I think it is that the Lamont people are rising above the level of dirty politics being engaged in by the Luddite LieberLiars and their techno-challenged Hail Mary "liberal dogs ate my server" pass in offering to send a competent tech person over to fix Joe’s site.

The problem could’ve been fixed 15 hours ago if they’d bothered to simply switch their normally low-traffic site to another server when it began, but it seems to be serving their purposes. I’m frankly at a loss to explain their reluctance to accept any help from the Lamont campaign, or secure it for themselves.

Can you say ratfuck?

Matt Stoller has more.

FYI: Colin McEnroe just noted that the Secretary of State had projected 40% turnout this morning, and has now upped it to 50-55%, which is unheard of. You can stream Colin’s show here.

Update: Kos says:
[I] have the definitive answer as to why Lieberman’s site went down.

They are paying $15/month for hosting at a place called MyHostCamp, with a bandwidth limit of 10GB. MyHostCamp is currently down, along with all their clients.

Here’s the deal — you get what you pay for. My hosting bill is now over $7K per month. A smaller site doesn’t need that much bandwidth, but if you’re paying $15 because your $12 million campaign is too freakin’ cheap to pay for quality hosting, then don’t go blaming your opponent when your shitty service goes out.
Team Lieberman: Hilariously Incompetent. Oh, and did I mention cheap?!?

Politics, politics ... it's all about money ..
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