July 20, 2006


F*ck Bush

Flip Off

Click the cute little girl, seen here flipping off the Preznit while he explains why he's such a douche bag for blocking federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, and listen to my buddy Diriki Mack and The KulchaShock Movement wax poetic about why our "daily vow" should be to "F*ck Bush."

For more Diriki and friends, go here. Pass it on...

Don't you think it's a little ironic that a young child would flip off Bush for not supporting embryonic stem cell research while if the research were wide spread she may not be alive today?
Wow, that's not photoshopped at ALL... e_e
that was awsom bush sucks
Fuck Bush? No. fuck you and fuck Obama, liberal cunt.
No, I do not think it is ironic, because stem cell research does not hurt or prevent from babies being born. The eggs that are used are ones are chosen ones, that the money would not use to have a child anyways :) . That is pretty funny, giving the circumstances
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