July 18, 2006


"Don't Drop The Baby!"

American Storage

From the people who brought us this and this, comes the second installment of Wholphin. It features short films by Steven Soderbergh, Errol Morris, Bob Odenkirk, Andy Richter and a bunch of people you probably never heard of.

Click the pic of Steve Carell above to watch some excerpts, including Jessica Yu's Sour Death Balls, Andrew Jay Cohen's American Storage featuring Carell, David Krumholtz and Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks), Andy Richter's The Quest, Bob Odenkirk's The Pity Card (about a guy who takes a woman on a first date to a Holocaust museum) and some really cool squid footage.

For more about Wholphin, click the cover below:


Editor's Note: You may have noticed that this blog has been starting to favor pop culture over pure politics lately. This is mainly due to news fatigue -- what with the continuing debacle of our war on terror, the horrible tsunami in Java and the Israel/Lebanon mess that our President appears to be completely clueless about, I just have needed to seek solace in mindless diversions every now and then. You know, diversions like this:

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Sue me.

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