April 21, 2006


Krup Hearts Neil Young

Neil discusses Let's Impeach The President:

"I'm feel like I'm exercising my right of free speech which is what our boys are fighting for the Iraqi people to have and I think if we take it away from the people here in the United States then we're taking a step really in the wrong direction...We all don't have to believe in what our President believes to be patriotic...This talk about a 9/11 mentality. No one, George Bush or anyone else, owns the 9/11 mentality. It belongs to the United States of America. It belongs to everyone who was sitting there with their family, watching those buildings get hit by those jets. It belongs to George Bush and his family, it belongs to John Kerry and his family, it belongs to me and my family, my American family. So, I have a post 9/11 mentality, it’s just not the same as George Bush’s."

Make sure you watch the entire video. The final exchange between the Showbiz Tonight host and the reporter is f'in classic.

(Video courtesy of livingwithwar.blogspot.com and Neil Young's official website.)

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