March 29, 2006


What's Next? A Same-Sex Partnership Law?

(Oh, right.)

Vermont, you are one rockin' state:
Leading Democrats in Vermont plan to decide in April whether to urge state lawmakers to petition for President Bush's impeachment using a little-known provision in the rules of the U.S. House.

Democratic committees in at least half of the state's 14 counties have passed resolutions calling for impeachment, citing a rule in "Jefferson's Manual," a book of parliamentary guidelines written by Thomas Jefferson that supplements U.S. House rules...

The resolutions accuse the Bush administration of lying about the case for war in Iraq and illegally engaging in electronic surveillance of Americans.

They rely on "Jefferson's Manual," which says impeachment proceedings can begin "by charges transmitted from the legislature of a state."
And for those of you who want to join the impeachment buzz, check out this (non-work-friendly) site and get your very own pins:

By the way, were you offended by a certain word at that non-work-friendly site? If so, then you are part of the 66% of people who are "bothered" by profanity (well, at least according to a silly, little poll). In which case, you are REALLY going to hate this (seriously, don't click the link, even though I know you're dying to).

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