March 15, 2006


"Paid for by People who Don't Know What They're Doing and are Scared Sh#*less to Make Strong Choices"

(Click to watch)

The Daily Show instructs Paul Hackett on how to neuter himself for the Democratic party (courtesy of onegoodmove).

Update: I just received an e-mail from "Nancy Pelosi" encouraging me to sign up with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in order to "gain access" to the entire DCCC Grassroots Victory Plan for taking control of Congress. Clicking on the link, I was led to this excerpt from the plan:
Paul Hackett’s race in the Ohio Special Election proved that no Republican is safe and no seat is unwinnable. Our overall candidate strategy is to make sure that every seat is being protected, challenged and fought for with a quality candidate, regardless if the state is red or blue. The DCCC has an intense focus in three categories: 1) Re-electing Democratic incumbents who face tough re-election battles 2) Fielding top quality candidates in open seats where there is no incumbent and 3) Taking on Republican incumbents who are vulnerable and/or ethically challenged.
So, Paul Hackett is good enough to use in order to sell me on the idea of a Democratically controlled Congress but as far as Nancy's counterparts in the Senate are concerned, Paul just doesn't fit the bill.

This would be funny if it wasn't so fucking sad.

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