March 14, 2006


It's On!

Presenting the "feud" between competent yet inelegant 3 ball juggler Chris Bliss vs. the technically stunning 5 ball juggler Jason Garfield who explains:
"chris bliss's juggling skill is...not good. The most impressive thing he did was juggle for a long time and not drop. The juggling was not difficult at all and it's not surprising that he did not drop, so it's not that anyone should be amazed that he didn't drop. But if you're looking for the most impressive thing that he did in a routine chock full of unimpressive elements, it would be that he didn't drop. He calls it the big finally (sic). I don't even understand why he juggles at all. His 3 ball skill is fair, good enough to make it three or four minutes without dropping. The world record for juggling 3 balls is over 11 hours, and the most difficult thing about that is staying awake and peeing."


Next Up: The Great Mime Battle of '06

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