March 27, 2006


In Loving Memory of Wyclef McTavish Krupnick


My brother's family's little dog passed away last week. Says my niece:
"He was one of the best dogs I've ever known, full of spunk and love, and we are so sad to have lost him after five short but wonderful years."
R.I.P. Tavy.

I'm so sorry about your loss. What a cute dog. I still think about my little Shadow all the time. (She never ate the furniture like my crazy mutt, Macy)
My heart and condolences go out to you...Whoever says that dogs are "just dogs" has never been close to one. They are in fact man and women's best friends. Their loyalty knows no bounds. Their friendship and love is forever. Suffering the loss of a dog can be as traumatic as losing a family member, because they ARE family.
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