March 03, 2006

"Dear God, This Has To Stop Now!"


Pretty much exactly what it looks like: A guy who wanted a Cosby of his own ("to entertain me and tell me Cosby jokes all the time") goes a little too far ("Each Cosby is getting worse than the last, you see.")

Unfortunately, Bill Cosby lost his sense of humor, oh, sometime in the late sixties, and got his legal team to send a cease-and-desist to the videos' host, Waxy.Org. I thought I'd join in the fray and host some of the videos (parts of which are NSFW).

Click the pic to watch Episode 1 and click the following links for the rest:

Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4


Cobalt60 said...

TYVM For posting these in *.MOV formatt and not that annoying *.mp4! You rock!

Dain Q. Gore said...

Big kudos on these gems...I never had the chance to see all of them after the cease-and-desist was issued!