February 24, 2006


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Boston Legal, (ABC) Tuesdays, 10pm

Why? Here's the show's creator, David E. Kelley:


Here is his sleeve:

And here's what he wears on it:

(Click to watch)

In this compilation of clips from a recent episode, Kelley gracefully (and liberally) tells the story of a young rape victim who is refused the morning-after pill* by the Catholic hospital that admitted her, as well as the story of a little girl who, due to a car accident and a subsequent operation, can no longer smile. All of this is surrounded by the sometimes biting, sometimes poignant humor of the team of Denny Crane & Alan Shore (William Shatner & James Spader). I've spared you the nonsense of the sub-plot about the cat on a respirator (Kelley's main problem is his unrestrained, often indulgent, silliness).

* The morning-after pill should not be confused with mifepristone (also called Mifeprex, and formerly known as RU-486), an abortifacient which is taken to end a pregnancy after implantation has occurred. The morning-after pill must be taken before implantation, or it will have no effect.

The morning-after pill may, however, prevent the implantation of an embryo in cases where it fails to prevent fertilization in the first place. Although the United States Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and other health agencies define pregnancy as beginning with implantation, some pro-life medical professionals, embryology texts, and activists argue that preventing implantation is unethical, as the blastocyst (early-stage embryo) then dies instead of growing into a fetus and, ultimately, being carried to term.

Recent medical studies in animals (the rat and the monkey) were inconclusive as to how often or whether the morning-after pill prevents implantation; however, this mechanism of action cannot be ruled out in all cases, as it is impossible to prove a negative. Therefore, women who believe it is immoral to prevent a fertilized egg from implanting may wish to avoid use of this drug.
"I feel very strongly that this shouldn’t be about abortion politics. This is a way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and thereby prevent abortion. This should be something we all agree on." – Dr. Susan F. Wood (former director of the FDA Office of Women's Health who resigned in protest after the FDA denied over-the-counter status to EC).

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