January 30, 2006


Support the Filibuster Too little, Too late.

Another "qualified" neanderthal makes it to the Supreme Court (you'd think the fact that he dresses like a flasher would have been enough to defeat him).

On Alito for cloture:
Aye 72
Nay 25

Oh well. ReddHedd has some soothing, fighting words for those of you who feel like jumping in front of a train:
Okay, so it's obvious there is cloture today. It sucks. But it happens in the big leagues that sometimes you lose an inning. That doesn't mean you stop playing, it just means you take a deep breath and go back to the dugout for some fresh plays.

All this Faxing and phone calling and e-mailing...has scared the bejeebers out of the Washington establishment over the last couple of weeks. You know why? It came from a true grassroots movement. From anger, from true concern, from patriotism -- from a wellspring of individual citizens who cared enough about their nation to get off their butts and do something.

That is a lot of power waiting to be harnassed, folks...
I have some of my own thoughts that, as soon as I have the time to properly compose them, I will share with you. I bet you can't wait...

your blog sucks! Just practicing my right to free speech, dude!
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