January 03, 2006


New Year, Same Shit

The Big Turd Sandwich visits Brooke Army Medical Center to award some purple hearts and insult the men and women who are sacrificing their lives for his stupid war:
"This hospital is full of healers and compassionate people that care deeply about our men and women in uniform," the president said after his visit with the wounded troops. "It's also full of courageous young soldiers and marines, airmen. I'm just overwhelmed by the great strength of character of not only those who have been wounded but of their loved ones as well. "

Bush spent the past week relaxing at his ranch where he rode his bike, cleared brush and prepared for his sixth year in office. He and his wife, Laura, and her mother, Jenna Welch, stayed at the ranch on New Year's Eve and had a steak dinner.

The president had a two-inch scratch across the left side of his brow.

"As you can probably see I was injured myself, not here at the hospital but in combat with a cedar," Bush quipped. "I eventually won."
And, oh God, how the rest of us lost...

(via Catch)

Update: The ever-vigilant onegoodmove has the video. It's more insulting than I thought.

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