January 12, 2006


Never Mind Your Right To Choose, An Innocent Woman Has Been Driven To Tears

The MSM can't really be bothered to let the American people know how important the selection of our next Supreme Court Justice is, but when the nominee's wife leaves the hearings in tears, well that's BIG NEWS:
Judge Alito's wife, Martha, is back in the hearing room after leaving in tears.

Mrs. Alito broke down during an exchange in which Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), an Alito supporter, played devil's advocate to Democratic attacks on Alito's membership in a controversial alumni group by asking, "Are you really a closet bigot?"

Alito said no, and Graham said he had believed him because of the way "you have lived you life." Graham then said, "I am sorry that your family has had to sit here and listen to this."

Mrs. Alito started crying, and left the room. She returned after a committee break with her husband.
Of course, the king of fact-checking, Matt Drudge, told a very different story:

James Wolcott puts the whole sordid story in the proper perspective:
"Yes, so heartsick were conservatives over this lady in distress that they immediately hurrahed Mrs. Alito's walkout as the humanizing moment that would win the public's sympathy vote and put Judge Alito's candidacy over the top and assure him a seat on the Court. If Alito is confirmed, Mrs. Alito and Judge Clarence Thomas's wife can commisserate by exchanging monogrammed crying towels as their men folk roll back women's rights and civil liberties and go duck hunting weekends with Scalia."

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