January 09, 2006


"L" is for "Loathe"

We (my wife & I) kinda liked it during Season 1. Halfway through Season 2, however, we totally gave up. And then, for some strange reason, we gave it one more chance last night during it's season premiere. And I have to say, this review perfectly sums up how we feel about The L Word, once and for all:
"You're watching it, it's fun, it's easy, you're into it, you're on board, you're ready to lend Tina your lawn mower and let Helena decorate a room for your baby, and then every fourth or fifth scene is so annoying or so pretentious or so moronic or so unbelievably lazy that you want to rip your eyes out of your skull."
The only difference is that we felt this way during every single scene last night. Oh, and the show still has the worst TV theme song EVER!

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