December 01, 2005


"I have a plan. That's what I do. I'm a planner."

"Here's proof that I have a plan: Take a look at this colorful banner. It kinda says it all...

Check out this backdrop. Doesn't it make me look Presidentable?

And how 'bout these useful props?

But the ultimate proof that I have a plan is this impressive 35 page document (paid for with your tax dollars, by the way):

Personally, I wanted to go with this cover:

or this one:

But Laura vetoed me.

Hey, who am I to argue with a woman who has enough fashion sense to match our lovely tangerine Christmas tree?

But don't worry. I'm still positive. And resolute. And defiant (you saw me biting my tongue in concentration, proof of my unique strength). So, okay, then. It's on to Victory! Go USA!!!"

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