November 23, 2005


Theron & Townsend To Be Married When Hell Freezes Over

Charlize & Stuart

According to Ireland Online:
Hot Hollywood couple Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend are planning to wed the day it becomes legal for gays and lesbians to wed across America.

The longtime couple are tired of being asked about their marriage plans so they've come up with a novel line to keep the press happy.

Theron tells US news show Extra: "We came up with a new idea that we said that we would get married the day that gays and lesbians can get married - when that right is given to them.

"We've decided that we're gonna use that in a positive way, so the day that law gets passed then we'll get married."
If I can actually be serious for a moment (yes, it's very, very hard for me): I applaud Ms. Theron for taking a stand. Perhaps when Tom Cruise gets married again, Charlize & Stuart can finally plan their dream day. (I couldn't resist.)

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