November 19, 2005


"Stay The Course, From My Cold Dead Hands, Read My Lips, 9/11 Changed Everything,We're Hunting Wabbits, Not On My Watch"


"If only I could wear my codpiece with this way-cool outfit."

Today, before an audience of prop soldiers who are actually serving their country instead of avoiding active duty and going A.W.O.L. during their stint in the Texas National Guard, President Bush tried to defend his mistake of a war with this declaration:
"If they're not stopped, the terrorists will be able to advance their agenda to develop weapons of mass destruction, to destroy Israel, to intimidate Europe, and to break our will and blackmail our government into isolation. I'm going to make you this commitment: This is not going to happen on my watch."
So there you have it: John Wayne has spoken. No matter what the people, experts or elected officials have to say about the complete disaster known as the War in Iraq, George W. Bush is not going to be a "cut and run" sissy-boy (you know, like his Daddy). Instead, this is what we're getting on Georgie's "watch":
2,086 dead American soldiers (and counting)
• A bankrupt economic policy of seemingly endless tax cuts that benefit the rich
• Rampant cronyism and incompetence
Is it any wonder that our so-called Dear Leader is not getting a whole lotta love from the American people?

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