October 19, 2005


Very Reassuring Condi. Well done!

"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday refused to rule out U.S. troops still being in Iraq in 10 years or the possibility that the United States could use military force against neighboring Syria and Iran...

Testifying before the committee for the first time since February, Rice sought to reassure jittery members of Congress that the Bush administration had a plan for success: helping Iraqis clear out insurgents and build durable, national institutions."

Apparently at this point, the still-jittery Senators left the building, unable to listen to any more of her bullshit.

Too bad. Democrats used to believe in fighting fascism. Now they simply believe in appeasing them.

Thank God there are still people like Condi Rice around who recognize that fascism must be fought.
Chris, you're on crack, just like COndi and Shrub. They are fascists, period.
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