October 26, 2005


This Is Why I Hate The Right

The implication of this front page piece of presidential water-carrying is, "Anybody who talks about 2000 U.S. soldiers dying in Iraq (2001, as of today) in any terms other than 'They Are Heroes' is dishonoring our troops and is an obvious traitor to the red, white and blue." God forbid we talk about these soldiers dying in a war of choice, based on lies and politics. We wouldn't want these men and women to have died in vain now, would we? Therefore, the right continues to think we should just keep on sending our under-equipped sitting targets to their horrible, early graves in order to preserve some sort of twisted "heroic" ideal. "Stay the course, blah, blah"...Oh, fuck off.

This would have been a much more appropriate front page...

...if, of course, the Pentagon would allow anymore of these pictures to be released to the media.

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