October 12, 2005


The Funniest (Fictional) Show on TV

It's not Arr"eh"sted Development:
Sure, it's a funny show but I think it might have already peaked last year. Everyone feels like they're trying too hard this season and the stunt casting is starting to feel desperate. While replacing Henry "Fonzie" Winkler with Scott "Chachi" Baio is inspired, we're still talking Scott Baio here. However, Baio's TV name is perhaps the funniest character name in the history of television: Bob Loblaw.
It's not D"eh"sperate Housewives:
Listen folks, this show is not a comedy. It is an occassionally fun soap opera that doesn't take itself too seriously. There are more laughs in an average episode of Boston Legal then there were in the entire first season of DH, yet BL is considered a drama by Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.
It's not My Name Is "Eh"arl:
This show is not without it's charms but after a few episodes the "gentle prodding" of the White Trash lifestyle is beginning to wear thin.
It's not "Eh"xtras:
As much as I love Ricky Gervais, a half-hour with only a couple of laughs and a guest star acting out of character does not a classic comedy make.
It's not "Eh"verybody Hates Chris:
Actually I haven't seen this show yet but it can't be as good as the hype.

(Drumroll please)

Two and a Half Men WEEDS.

Yes, it's true: Showtime actually has a show that's better than anything currently on network TV or HBO. The show is smart, LOL funny, well-acted across the board and completely fearless. Mary Louise Parker is brilliant (she can do more with just a few muscles in her face than most actors can do with their entire bodies) and as good as she is, Elizabeth Perkins is even better. The kids are fantastic, usually a weak link in any show (Meadow and Anthony spring to mind) and -- get ready for this -- if you watch this show I guarantee you'll say something that you'd never ever thought could come out of your mouth:

"Kevin Nealon is hilarious."

If you have Showtime, I suggest you go to OnDemand and watch all ten episodes of the first season. If you don't have Showtime, ask a friend to tape them for you. Or you can wait for the inevitable DVD. In the meantime, might I suggest you watch this clip, courtesy of onegoodmove. Not only is the clip extremely political (Bush is called a "war criminal") but it also illustrates my point about Kevin Nealon. Enjoy.

Here, here. I started watching this on OnDemand after a friend asked em to tape a few eps for him and was immediately hooked. You are also correct about Elizabeth Perkins. Love her. Good to see Martin Donovan get some good work, too. Loved the season finale.
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