October 24, 2005


Citizen Hackett

If at first you don't succeed, run for Senate:
Paul Hackett, a Democratic veteran of the Iraq war who narrowly lost a special election in a heavily Republican congressional district in August, made his official entry into a U.S. Senate race MondayMonday.

He faces a tough Democratic primary with Rep. Sherrod Brown in the race for the nomination to challenge second-term Republican incumbent Sen. Mike DeWine next year.

Hackett's only political experience is a stint as a small-city councilman.

"I think the obvious difference between myself and Sherrod Brown and Mike DeWine (is) I'm not a career politician. At best, I'm a citizen legislator," Hackett said.

I'm wishing he ran as as his own man, no party at all.

Time for real civil servants without any political baggage attached. If this country is to survive as a free democracy.

First, we call lobbyists what they are: Influence Peddlers buying away the best interests of the nation for their own greedy objectives.

Time to outlaw them.

Let's start with no strings attached Senators.

Go Paul go.
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