September 23, 2005


"Mr. President, How Many More Soldiers Have To Die For Your Mistake?"

"We as families of soldiers who have died as a result of war are organizing to be a positive force in our world to bring our country’s sons and daughters home from Iraq, to minimize the “human cost” of this war, and to prevent other families from the pain we are feeling as the result of our losses."

Go here to watch the Gold Star Families for Peace commercial.

(U.S. casaulties as of 9.23.05: 1,914)

If Bush had of been in Vietnam when his country was calling him, he would have learned what war was all about. Since he decided not to go, he has no inside experience he can fall back on. So he became president and rushed into war. He will have to live the rest of his life in seclusion because many many people are going to want to know why thier sons & daughters were killed, and why were so many lives were screwed up. War will screw you up.
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