September 14, 2005


More Repbulican Family Values

A lawyer who is vice chairman of the (Massachusetts) Republican Party was charged Tuesday with money-laundering for allegedly offering to "cleanse" drug proceeds for a client.

Lawrence Novak was arrested at his home in Brockton after investigators said he allegedly offered to launder drug profits for a man who is awaiting trial on federal trafficking charges and who has agreed to be a cooperating witness against Novak.
And here's my favorite part:
Republican Party Executive Director Tim O'Brien said the charges are unrelated to Novak's GOP role.

I'm proud of U, americans that realise that your president is really dangerous... for yourselves & for the whole planet.

I can't say our is much better, but at least he doesn't want to conquer the world...

Goodluck, your fight may be long, lots of your compatriots are so dumb...

c u
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