September 13, 2005


Here's A Republican Talking Point I Was Completely Unaware Of:

According to vistor Craig C, former president Bill Clinton should be behind bars for committing a violent crime:
"Give me a pretend cowboy over an actual rapist any day."
Fascinating. I can't wait for the trial.

I've also been hearing a lot about how it's all Clinton's fault that the Army Corps of Engineers didn't complete the levees (if you read things like the conservative online news site World Net Daily, of course) and all about the shortcomings of Louisana governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin. However, last time I checked, neither Clinton, Blanco or Nagin were the President of the United States. That job belongs to George W. Bush. Bush was hired by a little over 50% of the population to be our Commander in Chief, our "War President," our can-do, buck stops here guy, our "I'll make you safer but Kerry and the others will consult the French and offer therapy" take-charge man in D.C.

Of course Bush didn't cause the hurricane which begat the flood which begat the crisis that unfolded in the gulf. I'm sure Clinton didn't bestow upon the Army Corps of Engineers every single dollar that they asked for. And I'm positive Blanco and Nagin could have done a much better job. But the bottom line is that the person who should have been in charge of holding the whole megillah together was none other than George W. Bush, period. He should have led the charge but he, of course, had other priorities. And, once the shit hit the fan, the coward refused to take responsibility (if you have the stomach, check out this compilation of clips courtesy of Salon which brilliantly captures Karl Rove's finger-pointing, blame game counter-smear strategy which includes blaming the citizen "gangstas" of New Orleans).

I'm hopeful that by now no one but the most diehard Bush supporters (rich capitalists, morons, racists or combinations of at least two of the three) have any confidence left in the Poser in Chief. What should be now clear is that Bush & Co. have absolutely no idea how to lead or govern. What they are unusually good at, however, is making television:

baseball shock

topgun mission voter fingers

But sometimes, the camera doesn't lie:


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