September 01, 2005


Happy Anniversary to Me!

Hey y'all: I'm Just Sayin' (a.k.a. Bush Lied, People Died, a.k.a. Krup's Blog) is exactly one year old today. Among the highlights (for me, at least):
- Getting nominated for a Koufax Award for this post.

- Helping John Kerry defeat George Bush in the 2004 election.

- And, of course, having Wonkette link to me, which, just like with Washingtonienne, led to my spread in Playboy:

go take a shower

(I'm still waiting to hear from HBO, however)
To help celebrate my one year of blogging in the deep void of cyberspace, I thought I'd post a rare set from my favorite dead comedian. He has nothing to do with blogging or anniversaries. He just makes-a-me-laugh. Enjoy...

(Click to watch)

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