September 30, 2005


F*#k You, A$$hole

Arnold Schwarzenegger terminates gay marriage bill
California's embattled movie star governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, formally vetoed a landmark law that would have legalized gay marriage in the Golden state.

The action hero, known for his support of gay rights, scuppered the bill which was approved by California's legislature early this month. The issue should be decided by voters or the courts, not by new legislation, he said.

"This bill simply adds confusion to a constitutional issue," Schwarzenegger said in a statement explaining why he returned the bill without his signature.

"If the ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, this bill is not necessary. If the ban is constitutional, this bill is ineffective," he said.
Even though English is his second language, Arnold's really getting a handle on Newspeak, don't you think?

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deal with it....
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