September 26, 2005


Anybody else catch this line from last night's Simpsons?

Episode Synopsis:
When Maggie comes down with the chicken pox, Homer actually takes some advice from Flanders and holds a "pox party" so his friends could have their kids infected. After one too many Marge-aritas, Kirk and Luanne van Houten decide to get back together. However, Milhouse realizes they're too interested in each other and not interested in him, so he tries to break them up by planting a bra in his parents' bedroom. One problem: Luanne discovers it's Marge's bra, which leads to Homer and Marge breaking up yet again.
It was, of course, Bart's idea to plant the bra which led to this bizarre exchange:
Lisa to Homer & Marge: "What exactly happened between the two of you?"

Bart: "Lisa, we don't need to know how. It's a natural thing that happens, like a hurricane or going to war."

(Lisa glowers at Bart)
Bizarre because it takes 6-8 months to produce an episode of The Simpsons. I guess the writers are psychic.

And, perhaps my wife and I are hearing things because I believe we are the only two humans who heard the F-word on Fox's Prison Break two weeks ago. It was uttered by Lincoln Burrows' son, LJ, who answered a question about his step-dad by saying something like this: "If you're talking about the guy who's f*#king my mom..." Ah, the bizarre, contradictory world of Rupert Murdoch.

I caught that line on The Simpsons, too... but remember that there were hurricanes last year, too, in Florida, and that FEMA was handing out disaster-recovery checks in Miami - more than 100 miles from where Hurricane Frances hit.

Which prompted some to claim that FEMA stood for Federal Election Management Agency...
Actually, they often go in at the last moment and change dialog to make it more topical. So they could have changed that one line at the last moment.
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