August 22, 2005


You Are Forgiven

After the disappointing first 9 (!) episodes of Six Feet Under's fifth and final season, the show made good on it's promise of the first 4 seasons by first, killing off Nate in episode 61 ("Narm!"), dealing with his loss on episode 62 (Brenda to Maggie: "What is this? Some Quaker thing? You fuck someone's husband to death and then bring them a quiche?") and finally, on last night's finale, reminding us why we originally fell in love with The Fishers and their extended family in the first place. The last 5 minutes showing their future were as powerful and emotional as any television I've ever seen (and, of course, also filled with the show's trademark black humor: How could you not love Brenda finally getting sick and tired of Billy's bullshit and croaking on the spot at age 82?). To read their final obituaries, go here. R.I.P. friends...

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