August 04, 2005

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My nephew Ben, who just graduated from college, is traveling to Mozambique next month to work in an orphanage called Kedesh:

"I have developed an increasing awareness of the AIDS epidemic that greatly affects Africa. One of the biggest problems the HIV/AIDS Virus causes is orphans. Between 12-18 million Africans are orphans because of AIDS...John Wicks started (Kedesh) five years ago to provide homes for orphaned/extreme poverty stricken boys ages 7-20. I will be working beside John for one month to help provide these boys with a home environment, food, schooling, and the life skills of farming, animal husbandry, carpentry, and building. Kedesh is a faith based organization and I am excited to become involved in their work."

Ben is funding this trip on his own. He estimates that it will cost him about $3,000. If you look at the upper left-hand corner of this blog, you will see a PayPal "Make a Donation" button (or, depending on your browser, it might be somewhere further down on the left). I put it up there a few months ago thinking that maybe some of my bandwidth costs could be offset by donations but, alas, no one has yet to donate. Which is perfectly okay. This blog (or, ahem, online magazine) is a hobby for me. And a less expensive hobby then, say, this or this. It's also a hobby that focuses on right and wrong. What's wrong is that Bush's AIDs initiative in Africa may be doing more harm then good. And therefore it's up to people like my nephew to do what they can. So, if you'd like to help, please click the donation button. I promise all donations that I receive between now and the end of summer will go to Ben (and Ben promises that any donations above what he needs for his trip will be donated to the orphanage). For more information on Kedesh, please go here. Thanks...

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