August 27, 2005


Cindy Sheehan, Forshizzle

Click the pic to watch Cindy completely rock on Real Time with Bill Maher, courtesy of onegoodmove.

I think the president is doing a great job, and i should "Kill all the fags that don't agree!"
Well, considering the fact that I'm not a cigarett (fag) i dont think you will kill me... i just have a few things to say on your "comment." if george bush is doing such a great job then why dont you tell me why millians of people died while our "great president" was on vacation. or why dont you tell me why on 9/11/01 thousands of people were killed while bush read a freakin story. if bush is doing such a "great job" then why dont you tell me why when we we couldnt get my 6 year old medication when she was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 2, tell me why once she turned 4 we could hardly afford her medication because our "great president" cut C.S.H.C.S (childrens special heathcare unit). if our president is doing such a "great job" then tell me why my school choir cant even afford to pay for us to compete because choir isnt consedered "important"...

if hes doing such a great job why are we in so much debt


why dont you explain that "Mr. Annanymous?!

Mr. "fag who doesn't agree"
Mr. "fag who doesn't agree" is right and you know it. bush is doing a shitty job in evrey aspect of his presidency, from education to health care. after the so critisized president clinton left office(unjustly critisized i might add, for getting some pussy in office, what, the man needed sex, just like everyone else does) we were left with 3 TRILLION dollars excess from what we needed. after bushes first term we were left with 20 BILLION dollars in debt. how can you consider that " a good, responsible, and wise with money president." you sir, are one stupid fuck for even considering calling others stupid while soldiers fighting because their "oh so trustable" government is lying through it's teeth to keep them in belief that there is a just cause behind this senseless and self riteous war about nothing more than material goods are dying and killing others who fight for nothing else than a false sense of truth and hope. you sir, need to check yourself and open your eyes to all the senseless violence and corruption that are going on in todays "almighty" american government. no one is a fag for disagreeing with you, you poor simple minded fool. if you think this country is so great then why do you fight the first amendment right to freedom of speech?
i wrote that last statement, and forgot to sign it.
david timmons
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oh, and you are only a tough guy on the internet. if i were to see you on the street, i would dare you to call me a fag and you wouldn't. because you are a bitch, and you know it. i hate people who act like they can kick ass, even though they know they can't. if you are so tough, then why don't i tell YOU what i think of you and see what you do about it. huh? hows that sound.

okay, here we go.

now, you think you are so tough, but how many fights have you been in? and more importantly, how many have you won? you say ,and i quote, "-i should kill all the fags who disagree." you know what i think? i think that from the way you talk, you sound a little homo-phobic. and as i'm sure you know, homo-phobia comes from a deep feeling of ones own homosexuality. next, have you ever killed anything EVER? that is aside from the spiders you kill for crawling across the wall in your pink and barbie themed bedroom because you are scared shitless of them. and maybe all of this explains why you are so defensive of president bush, after all, misery loves company, if you know what i mean. just in case i confused you with that last statement, it's a metaphor for saying that people atract other people with similair traits. and i really think that you should look into some counciling for all the feelings that are cramped up inside of you, and that are confusing your sexuality. or you could just go to a college frat house party and get laid by a rough trick named "jim" later.

love, david timmons.
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