August 31, 2005


Can We Impeach For Tardiness?

In August of 2001, while President George W. Bush should have been paying attention to this:

...he was busy doing this:

Then, on the day that Osama made good on his determination:

...George leapt into action. Oh, sorry. I meant, George gave us his best deer-in-the-headlights impersonation:

However, THREE DAYS LATER, George finally came to the rescue, climbing atop what was now the grave of thousands of men and women, and declaring to the world, "I hear you" -- essentially beginning his re-election campaign:

It should come as no surprise that on December 26, 2004, the date of one of the deadliest natural disasters in history:

...Bush was, once again, busy doing this:

Just like three years earlier, it took 72 hours for Bush to properly address the catastrophe (if by "properly" one means promising a mere $15 million in relief before upping that figure to $35 million after a U.N. official called the offer "stingy").

And today, we are witnessing, yet again, another stunning three-day waiting period for our President to actually do something even slightly beyond a photo op. While this was happening on Monday:

...George was busy yucking it up over Medicare:

...and celebrating John McCain's birthday:

Then, on Tuesday, while this was still going on:

...George decided it might be fun to fake being able to play the guitar:

Finally, after getting an update yesterday on the biggest natural disaster in U.S. history, George decided to cut short his vacation by two days -- returning to Crawford for one more night before heading back to Washington:

Let's get this straight: He needed an "update" to decide that, um, maybe things are pretty fucked up and, perhaps, he should get back to work and be Presidentable again. An update. Any moron with access to a TV, radio or newspaper (if he knew how to read) could figure out that the Gulf Coast was in a dire state of emergency without the benefit of an official update.

Well, maybe George needed an update because he really didn't understand the magnitude of the situation. Perhaps he saw these two pictures and thought people were simply doing what he was doing on vacation: Riding their bikes:

...and playing with their dogs.

Perhaps I'm being too harsh on our strong, powerful leader. Afterall, he has his priorties. In fact, he once abruptly interrupted his vacation to return to Washington in the middle of the night: he could join this circus:

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