August 02, 2005


Bravo Al

Well, the big guy pulled it off. Judging by Day 1 of current, it appears Al knows how to launch a new television network. It came off fresh and original and, although the programming "pods" seem to be completely random (a couple having a baby, artist Shepard Fairey, a hip female preacher, a couple trying to buy an apartment, a piece on egg donors, a look at Iranian youth), the channel felt somehow cohesive. My only gripes: either completely lose the PJs (pod jocks) or put them in a more natural setting (they feel completely canned next to the people featured in the actual pods); dump Deepak Chopra (he's unwatchable and unlistenable); and try to make the channel feel a little less White and middle class (granted, I only watched a few hours but that was the overall feeling I got...perhaps that's what unfortunately made the channel feel cohesive). However, overall it's a fine start for the man who should be running our country. Extra kudos for hooking up with Google, Al...

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