July 12, 2005



I've noticed that some people in the blogosphere are calling Karl Rove "toast." Personally, I'm insulted. My wife is insulted. And, most importantly, our most magnificent and noble dog Toast is insulted.

We asked Toast what she thought people should be calling Karl. She just barked at us but I could have sworn she said "Traitorous Asshole."

Go here for AMERICAblog's Benedict Rove products.

Aw, Toast is gorgeous! I just adopted my second golden, so I have Chance and now Roxie. She's an older girl and very overweight, so we're working on slimming her down.

Goldens are the best!

No, Rove is not toast, he is Turdblossom, like always.
How dare they!!!

Toast looks good, by the way...

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