July 20, 2005


"Let's Keep Our Eye on the Ball"

So sayeth Attaturk at Rising Hegemon who doesn't want to give Judge Roberts a "free pass" but feels the "time for getting worked up about this guy is as things emerge." What we need to continue to focus on are the continuing revelations about Rove, Plame and, yes, war crimes:
"And why exactly? Because in my opinion the gingerbread house of Chimpy is about ready to crumble, as it should, built upon the foundation of war crime. If that happens, John Roberts will take care of itself. We need to push it over the precipice, and they are dangerously close -- and they know it, the entire GOP establishment knows it. Freeper, or moderate GOPer, they all know that desperate measures are necessary to save it.

But they may not be able to, without making matters even worse for them.

We can see the writing on the wall if what Murray Waas reports is correct":
White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove did not disclose that he had ever discussed CIA officer Valerie Plame with Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper during Rove’s first interview with the FBI, according to legal sources with firsthand knowledge of the matter.

The omission by Rove created doubt for federal investigators, almost from the inception of their criminal probe into who leaked Plame's name to columnist Robert Novak, as to whether Rove was withholding crucial information from them, and perhaps even misleading or lying to them, the sources said...
"As Digby notes, this is what ended up getting Martha Stewart entered in prison craft fairs.

After months and months of thinking that Bush and his cronies would never be "THAT" deceitful, the public is waking up and contemplating the truth that, yes indeed, Bush wanted this war by hook, crook, and whatever lie he could sell it on. And after Exhibit No. 1 being the lack of WMDs, Exhibit No. 2 being the now obvious lack of planning, comes the clincher the smoking gun, the deliberate outing of a CIA Operative as a means of punishing an ACCURATE critic of Bush's claims about African Yellow Cake purchases."
So, let's focus people. We already know that the press has a difficult time walking and chewing bubblegum at the same time:
(from CNN) Kagan: Well, the announcement of a Supreme Court nominee would certainly shift the spotlight away from Karl Rove and the CIA leak investigation. Rove's reported leak of an operative's identity to a journalist has been a distraction for the Bush administration in recent days.

Franken: Speaking of the Karl Rove matter, of course, that is news that is considered at the moment so yesterday. We've moved on. And of course, they're going to have big news tonight.

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