July 11, 2005


Everything You* Always Wanted To Know About The War In Iraq

...but for some reason you couldn't bother to pay attention. It can all be found in these two excellent articles:
George Packer's "The Home Front" in The New Yorker


James Wolcott's "To Live and Die in Iraq" in Vanity Fair.
The sad, drunken and clearly impotent Christopher Hitchens thought the Packer article about our "distant war" was "portentous" (I'm assuming Snitchens meant portentous as in "pompous" as opposed to "grave or serious" because, as we all know, it takes one to know one) but raw emotion + truth + excellent prose is always a good combo in my book. The Wolcott article is less raw; it somehow manages to include humourous touches about an unbelievably serious subject without offending. Well, it didn't offend me...I can't speak for the British boozehound.

*You, not you.

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