June 11, 2005


Just a Reminder

I'm going to keep this near the top until the MSM pays attention...(link has been fixed; thanks to reader Tony for the heads-up)


Click to support John Conyers' efforts to save our country.

(Image courtesy of horkulated.com)

Update: Billmon, over at the new & improved This Modern World is skeptical the mainstream media will suddenly jump on this story
"unless (and this is a big unless) there are fresh developments in the story, or the editorial herd can be persuaded there are unexplored angles that can be developed into fresh stories. Big stories...

That's why the focus needs to be widened to include the entire policymaking process that led up to the invasion. The memo itself may be the smoking gun, but the story is the crime, or crimes rather -- particularly the cover up, which is still in progress...So in addition to flooding the corporate media with calls and letters demanding that they get on the ball, complaints also should be directed to the offices of Sen. Pat Roberts, R-KA, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee -- (202) 224-4774; 109 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington DC 20510 -- and Vice Chair Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D(alleged)-WV -- (202) 224-6472; 531 Hart Senate Office Building.

Or how about the chair of the House Intelligence Committee: Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-MI: (202) 225-4401; 2234 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC 20515. Or ranking member Rep. Jane Harmon, D(alleged)-CA: (202) 225 8220; 2400 Rayburn House Office Building.

Of course, if the intelligence panels are actually part of the cover up, then asking them to investigate further is pretty pointless. But a closer look at their role in the scandal might at least give the story a fresh news hook, and some possible strings for reporters to follow."
For information on how to flood the coporate media, click on the MSM link up top or the "Awaken the Mainstream Media" logo on the lefthand column. I thank you and your country thanks you...

Please fix that link! It's too important for it to not work.

I'm a first time visitor.. recco'd via Rude Pundit's blogroll...

Great blog!. I've bookmarked it, and will come back!

Tony B.
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